Cancellation Policy

Cancellations & No-Shows

When last minute cancellations and table ‘no-shows’ occur, it is likely that other reservation enquiries have been turned away and that food has been purchased/prepared for the reservation.

This policy is primarily to deter the tiny minority who deliberately book multiple restaurants on the same evening and those who do not show us and other diners the courtesy of informing us when their plans change.

It is our policy at Dead Ringer to secure bookings of 3 and above for brunch, and 6 and above for dinner, using stored credit card details.

Our reservations partner (OpenTable) stores these securely and we cannot manually access them once entered.

For more information on any of the above, please call us on 02 9331 3560 or email us at

Terms & Conditions of Booking

  • We may refuse a reservation if valid credit card details are not provided.
  • We will charge $50per person for each booked guest that cancels less than 24hrs before the reservation date and time or if a party does not attend their reservation (a ‘no-show’).
  • For groups of 13 or more, we will confirm final numbers 48hrs before the booking. These numbers will be used by our kitchen team to purchase and prepare food for your table.
  • Any variance from this number will result in a charge of the amount of $50 for each guest not present.
  • We will charge the amount of $50 for each guest of a reservation that does not purchase a meal in the restaurant.
  • You will not ‘sell-on’ our set menus and packages without our express permission. The providing of credit card details implies agreement to these terms & conditions.