About Us

Dead Ringer is a neighbourhood restaurant & bar in Sydney’s Surry Hills, dedicated to Australian produce, wine, beer & cocktails.

We are located in a heritage townhouse just off Taylor Square at the axis of Paddington, Darlinghurst and Surry Hills with comfortable counter-top dining, a garden terrace and an intimate dining room and also available for private hire.

We are thrilled to have one of Australias most experienced chefs, Jamie Irving (previously Berta, Est, Pearl) heading up our kitchen. Together our goal is to champion the exceptional ingredients and producers of this great continent through a changeable menu of small and large sharing plates.

Our kitchen stays open throughout the day and late into every evening.

This is our second venue, following award winning bar Bulletin Place (see below) combining world class cocktails with a lean towards fortified wines and vermouths and a short sharp wine list exclusively featuring Australians and NZ wines and focusing on smaller producers.

Bulletin Place

Our ‘sister from another Mr’ in the Sydney CBD and a stone’s throw from Circular Quay. Bulletin Place opened in 2012 with the plan to create a simple bar, with cocktails that changed every day based on the best of whatever Australian produce was looking good at the market and a (very) short list of rotating beers, wines & spirits.

Now nearly 5 years later, this hard to find, “shoe-box sized” 45-seater room is one of Australia’s most awarded-ever bars and recognised globally for the quality of drinks, friendly team and casual vibe.


What’s Happening

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    Oz Harvest Partnership

    We are delighted to partner with OzHarvest on the ‘Dollar Diner’ program. This facilitates diner donations from each table bill at Dead Ringer and helps provide awareness of their work.

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    No more plastic straws!

    In June 2017, we eliminated plastic straws at Dead Ringer. These straws were not biodegradable and could be either sitting in landfill for 100years contributing to plastic mass in our oceans. We now offer re-usable stainless steel straws with all drinks.

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    Dead Ringer Meaning

    We get asked about our name heaps, and it completely baffles people when English isn’t their first language! Find out what it means…

  • quiet terrace

    Free WiFi in Surry Hills & Meeting Space

    We got the wifi setup for ya, for a late meeting, to catch up a bit of work by yourself or to swipe away on facebook while your pal is running late, log in and use our juice for free!

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    The Sounds of Dead Ringer

    Access our playlists, for those that want to recreate the barnstorming sound of a session at Dead Ringer in the comfort of their own home, car or bridge club.