Metal Straws Only

Single use plastic straws are one of those accepted normalities in life for decades but they can take 100yrs to decompose in landfill and are incredibly wasteful to produce. There are also stories of these ending up in the oceans and causing havoc with wildlife.

As just one of our initiatives to reduce our impact on the local and wider environment, we have completely eliminated plastic straws from our venues, investing in food-grade stainless steel straws which we provide when requested and sell to keep for just $3. These are soaked, hot washed and hand dried between each use to remain sanitary.

For more information about our environmental policy and sustainable initiatives click here.

Coming soon! Buy your own ‘Keep-straw’

We have lots of our stainless steel straws available to purchase, available in 2 sizes for $3 each. You can but then in the venue and online very soon!