Cocktails at Dead Ringer

We made our names in the world of cocktails, so naturally, they are an important part of Dead Ringer.

Focussing on fortified wines and vermouths to create drier drinks to go really well with a meal, we serve our own house aperitif & digestif.

We keep a concise list of the very best of Australasian wines, opening 8 wines daily to serve by the glass.

dead ringer aperitif
wine • vermouth • tonic • strawberry gum
shanghai adonis
mandarin vermouth • fino • orange bitters
sangria spritz
cappelletti • fruit • red wine • bubbles
garden martini
botanica gin • aussie vermouth • herbal liq.
ponting rickey
swiss gentian • vermouth • lime • soda
spring americano
tawny port • campari • vermouth • soda
panic at the pisco
pisco • honey • cucumber • mint
rosita stone
tequila • rockmelon • sours
whisky cobbler
scotch • mandarin • madeira • lemon
port in a storm
dark rum • port • ginger beer
bloodstone fizz
sloe gin • blood orange • lemon • fizz
cafe royale
rye • cold drip • amaro • white cacao

Wine at Dead Ringer

Our approach to selecting wine is straightforward; “is it delicious?!”

We stock exclusively Australasian wines and support smaller producers as much as we can. By sourcing locally we’re able to reduce our footprint on the environment in terms of transportation whilst supporting local growers & winemakers.

We select & price wines for everyday drinking & try to describe them with minimal “wine-babble”

Beer & Cider

Our sharp beer list showcases the best of local and regional smaller brewers. We rotate this constantly, only ranging a single beer in each style.

This is what we’ve been drinking recently:

garden ale • stone & wood8.00
lager • murray’s ‘east coast’9.50
wheat ale • three ravens ‘white’11.00
golden ale • sample brewery10.00
pale ale • little smith ‘bastard son’8.50
session ipa (xpa) • balter brewery11.00
peated pale • killer sprocket ‘bandit’11.00
amber ale • hawthorn brewery10.00
red ale • clare valley brewing co.12.00
brown ale • willie the boatman (640ml)16.00
dark ale • woolshed ‘judas’12.00
porter • mornington brewery10.00
stone ale • stone & wood (500ml)19.00
apple cider • custard & co, dry10.00